6 designers from around the world created their ultimate dream home

6 designers from around the world created their ultimate dream home

It's often said that "home is where the heart is," but it's still fun to fantasize about the possibilities of where you might call home if the sky was the limit.

Whether you dream about the ultimate party pad on the coast or a reclusive mansion in the mountains, the prospect of owning your very own dream home anywhere in the world is an exciting thought.

To explore how the style and amenities of the ideal home vary based on popular trends and cultural values, we asked six different graphic designers from six different countries to render realistic depictions of a dream home that represents their native country. Check out the final designs from India, Peru, Germany, Egypt, Brazil and the United States below.

India: A floral fantasy

The first offering on our global fantasy tour is this rendering of how a dream home might look in India.

Exterior of a home in India

Home to over 17,000 species of flowering plants, India is renowned for the vibrancy and diversity of its native flora. The Indian dream house looks to be using sustainable materials, an important aspect in Indian architecture in recent years. The large balcony and glass windows allow whoever lives in this dream residence to enjoy the stunning scenery surrounding them, all from the comfort of their own home.

A living room in India a bathroom in India

Peeking inside, the Indian dream home offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere, using warm and inviting colors to match the stunning surroundings. Imagine sitting down with a nice cup of tea, or meditating while enjoying the stunning views and calming surroundings this dream home has to offer. The Indian dream home carries the natural element of wood throughout, even to the bathroom. The presence of natural elements in this setting can help inspire further relaxation in a space.

Peru: A modern mountain escape

Next up, we asked a Peruvian designer to render a home that would be popular across Peru.

Exterior of a home in Peru

Imagine looking out of your window to see some of South America's tallest snowcapped peaks. That's what's offered in this dream home located in the Peruvian Sierra, or Andean highland region. This design would be perfect for someone who appreciates a spectacular view and a sleek, contemporary style.

Living room of a home in Peru Bedroom in a home in Peru Kitchen in a home in Peru

Stone walls and large windows complete the interior of this dream home. The large windows show stunning views of the surrounding mountains, while traditional decors combine modern Peruvian living with the country's rich cultural history. The white kitchen elements help the space appear even brighter, with the wood providing a beautifully stark contrast to the rest of the kitchen, which also ties into the textures of many of the more traditional elements of the home.

Germany: A paradise in the peaks

The mountain-living theme continues with our next design, this time from Germany.

Exterior of a home in Germany

Moving across the world from South America to Europe, this dream home is set against a backdrop of Bavarian mountains. Known for the beauty of its rolling landscape and its charming rural villages, it's easy to understand why someone would fall in love with the location. And with panoramic views from the outdoor swimming pool and full-length windows, the design of the house is just as captivating.

Living room of a home in Germany bedroom of a home in Germany Bathroom of a home in Germany

The modern look of the home's interior is reflected on the inside as well. An open living room concept invites to socialize and spend time with friends and family while admiring the Bavarian mountains through large windows. However, tradition is not forgotten here either. A cuckoo's clock, and traditionally patterned curtains tie this modern space back to more traditional German styles of living. The bathroom is bright and modern, bringing that warm sunlight feeling in from the rest of the home. Included here is also a potted plant, to keep the theme of natural elements present in every room.

Egypt: A manicured mansion

Who wouldn't want to be able to call a mansion home? Check out this design from Egypt.

Exterior of a home in Egypt

If you've ever daydreamed about living in a castle, expect to be drawn to this design. Taking inspiration from the medieval Muslim era of Egyptian architecture, this design shows off elegant plasterwork, arched windows, and pseudo-turrets. Blue-tiled roofs combined with white trimming make this dream home stand out from some of the other countries' designs. Further, the designer uses white for the dream home's exterior, a color used in warm climates to keep buildings cooler.

Living room of a home in Egypt Bedroom of a home in Egypt Kitchen of a home in Egypt

The blue and white aesthetic runs throughout this dream home, giving it an effortlessly stylish look. The white walls with blue accents give this house an airy, almost floating quality, matching the fairytale-like exterior. This colorful space will provide joy for any home cook, brightening up the day every time they set foot in the kitchen.

Brazil: Pool party central

If you're someone who likes to host guests, we're guessing you'll love this design from Brazil.

Exterior of a home in Brazil

Brazil is famous for hosting Carnival, or "The Greatest Show on Earth," and her people famously love a good party. As such, homeowners with cash to spare are likely to prioritize a pool, a barbecue, and space for guests. This dream home perfectly incorporates all of these details, appearing custom-made for poolside soirees.

Kitchen of a home in Brazil Bedroom of a home in Brazil Bathroom of a home in Brazil

Our Brazilian dream home invites you to start your day with a morning swim in the pool, right outside your bedroom. Wooden details give this home a cozy look, and invite you to stay, relax, and enjoy the time with your family. Admire these elements as you take a soothing soak in the tub or wash the day away. Either way you'll be surrounded by reminders of Brazil's natural beauty.

United States: Open-concept cabin

Finally, our last design comes from the United States: a cabin in the woods with a twist, in the form of a modern, open-plan layout.

Exterior of a home in America

Nature meets cutting-edge style in a salute to the growing phenomena in the U.S. known as "glamping," which combines the experience of immersing oneself in nature with staying in luxury accommodations. The glamor of this home and its openness to the surrounding landscape is tough to beat.

The American dream home uses an open concept and large windows to fully emerge whoever stays in it in the forests surrounding it. The unique layout spreads the house out across the forest floor, and hides the home away in the woods.

Living room of a home in America Bedroom of a home in America Bathroom of a home in America

The cabin theme is reflected on the interior of the US dream home, with faux fur blankets and decorative deer heads used to decorate the space. The wooden accents, combined with modern design elements give this cabin a luxurious feel, while staying true to the cabin charm. The natural elements combined with the neutral color scheme throughout the home helps it feel clean, fresh, and light in every room, making even the laundry room stylish and inviting.

What's your dream home?

Clearly, the definition of a perfect home varies from person to person, but certain styles may be more popular than others depending on a range of factors, including the culture of a country and its people. What remains the same wherever you are in the world is the desire to live in a house that accommodates all your needs and wants.

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Each dream house was rendered by a designer living in the relevant country. Each design took between 2.5 and 5 hours to complete. Designers were hired using Upwork after reviewing their previous portfolios and instructed to render a realistic-looking dream home of their respective countries. There were no restrictions given in regards to the size or surroundings of each dream home.

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