Stars, Stripes and Sold Signs

Stars, Stripes and Sold Signs

Key takeaways

  • July offers an optimal time to update your promotions with a patriotic theme.
  • Summer weather and long weekends give agents extra opportunities to see prospects in person.
  • Host a block party or client appreciation event on a holiday weekend for higher attendance.
  • Stand out with red, white and blue-related promotions.

Building a marketing campaign can be more impactful when you start with a theme. After all, everybody loves a great theme, right? What better could there be for a real estate agent than to connect the American Dream of homeownership with the patriotism of July 4th? Think about the imagery: your community with flags hung proudly, pots of red, white and blue flowers, spinning pinwheels and floats adorned with patriotic bunting following a marching band leading a hometown parade.

Opportunities are abound for real estate agents to infuse their promotions with some patriotic flair. A red, white and blue color palette and some summertime fun are great ways for agents to stand out from their competition and connect positively, uplifting emotions with clients and prospects.

10 Ways to Spotlight the Patriotic Season in Your Marketing

From simple to splashy, real estate agents and brokerages have multiple opportunities to make the most of July’s warmth and patriotism. Try some of these to capture the attention of your former and future clients:

  1. Display the flag. Buy small American flags in bulk and add your business card to the back of each flag. Then decorate your neighborhood or farm, pop them on curbs, cluster them near a bus stop or prop them on doorsteps.
  2. Participate in a parade. Sponsor a local parade or ride in one — especially if you have a fun car and can add a car magnet with your branding. Don't forget some branded freebies to toss to the crowd.
  3. Host a holiday movie. Whether you set up an outdoor movie night for the neighborhood, at a community pool, or host showings at a local theater, spread the joy of a fun summer classic. Make sure you subtly ensure everyone knows you're the sponsor with a quick message before and after the show.
  4. Be the block party organizer. Whether it's a picnic in a park, a barbecue in your driveway, or a neighborhood chili cookout contest, organizing a social event on Independence Day can bring together friends, family, neighbors and potential clients. Provide a basket of branded freebies and flyers with a market update and your business card near the drinks table.
  5. Deliver doorstep gifts. Red, white and blue treats like candy, cookies or cupcakes, a special barbecue sauce or a simple set of S’mores supplies are a clever way to celebrate the season and stay in touch with clients.
  6. Host a contest. Whether you do it in person at a local street festival, through social media or in your community, engage your sphere with something fun. Some ideas include a photo contest of the best patriotic decorations, the most creative Independence Day outfit or a simple raffle for a house cleaning or a home improvement store gift card. (Check local and state contest rules to ensure yours complies.)
  7. Create a community video. Interact with your neighbors and friends by making a video that includes their comments about what Independence Day means to them or their favorite summer pastime. Include photos of homes decorated for the summer and community activities, then post them on social media and share them with your contacts.
  8. Highlight historic homes. If you live in an area with historic homes or landmarks, publish self-guided tours with your contact information on the back. Offer the free guides to clients and prospects and ask if you can provide them to your local library, community center and coffee shops.
  9. Honor veterans. Sponsor a charitable event to benefit injured or disabled veterans or host an afternoon or evening of letter writing to veterans, their families or active-duty service personnel.
  10. Be the summer celebration expert. Everyone loves a new idea for a picnic potluck recipe, the best places to see the fireworks or a curated list of ice cream parlors or summery cocktails. Good information can go a long way to getting attention on your blog, videos or newsletters.

A patriotic theme can help agents cut through the marketing clutter creatively and engagingly — and simultaneously have a bit of seasonal fun!

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