Mississippi home warranty options

Mississippi home warranty options



Since May, the demand for home renovations has pushed home repair costs through the roof, and limited contractor availability has frustrated many homeowners. From Oxford to Cleveland to Biloxi, families are struggling to retrofit their homes, which are now increasingly used for remote work and for children who find themselves in the online classroom. This demand has created a shortage in an already hot real estate market in Mississippi.

Over the last year, access to experts who can keep the home systems and appliances your family depends on in working order has become more important than ever. When your home systems and appliances break from everyday wear and tear, a home warranty can protect them and prevent you from paying expensive out-of-pocket repair or replacement costs.

In this article, we detail the costs and services you can expect through home warranty insurance and why it's important to be covered when buying a new home in Mississippi.


Why is a home protection plan necessary in Mississippi?


Like home insurance, a home protection plan helps homeowners protect themselves against unknown future financial risk. A warranty plan covers the repair or replacement of your home's critical systems and appliances when they break down from normal daily use. A warranty plan can be added to a home at any time, no matter how old it is.

When you experience a service issue, your warranty company will send a vetted, licensed professional to review the problem. Whether the issue is with the heating or cooling system, a garbage disposal or a stovetop, you will only pay a deductible to the service professional for the visit. If the repair or replacement is determined to be covered under your service agreement, your warranty company will pay for any additional costs.


What should you look for in a home warranty policy in Mississippi?


Your Mississippi home warranty provider should have options that range from a basic plan that covers most appliances, to a systems plan that will cover higher-dollar items, such as electrical and plumbing repairs, and the water heater and air conditioner.

Understanding your home insurance coverage will help you better identify where you have potential coverage gaps. Many homeowners insurance policies cover the following:

  • Damage from fire and smoke
  • Damage from wind or hail
  • Frozen plumbing
  • Theft
  • Fallen objects
  • Water damage from plumbing, water heater, heating or air conditioner

Home insurance does not cover the everyday wear and tear you and your family put on home appliances from normal use, but a home warranty will. Your home warranty service contract should start coverage where your homeowners insurance stops, giving you protection against unforeseen issues.


What are the pros of having a home warranty in Mississippi?


A homeowner in Mississippi gains peace of mind with home warranty insurance by having a yearly service contract that includes the water heater and air conditioner. In much of the state, fiery hot days of summer with humid and sweltering summer nights can cause these systems to work overtime. And let’s face it, when the humidity soars past 80%, the last thing your family can go without is an air conditioner.

Be sure to look for a systems plan or a combo plan because basic plans do not cover air conditioning.


How much on average does a home warranty cost in Mississippi?


A Mississippi home warranty costs $420 to $745 annually. Coverage that includes a systems plan for air-conditioning, plumbing and heating systems are priced a bit higher than a basic home appliance plan. Most companies will allow you to pay for your home warranty policy by the month.

Add-on coverage for treasured items outside of your warranty plan can be purchased separately from your home warranty company.

Service fees should cost between $100 and $150. You will only pay a service fee when you have a service request. The higher the service fee, the lower the monthly plan price. If you believe you will use the warranty more than three times a year, a plan with a lower-cost service fee will give you the lowest annual cost.

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How long does it take to file a claim for a home warranty in Mississippi?


The more reputable home warranty companies offer the capability to file a claim online, though some smaller companies may only look at these claims during normal business hours.

At Cinch Home Services, you can initiate your service request online 24/7/365. Simply provide your warranty plan number and billing zip code, your phone number and property zip code, or your last name, property number and billing code. We’ll take care of the rest.

Alternatively, any homeowner with an active warranty plan can file a claim 24/7 by phone at 844-324-5688.


Where can you find the best home warranties in Mississippi?


When your water heater or trash compactor is not working properly, the last thing you want to do is search for a repair person. A home protection plan service contract with one of the best home warranty companies will make your home appliances and systems a top priority.

Before purchasing a home, do your research to find the best home warranty for your needs and budget.

Cinch Home Services is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and maintains a top rating on ConsumerAffairs.com. With over 40 years in the home warranty business, many Mississippi homeowners trust Cinch for its six-month workmanship guarantee on covered repairs.

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Mississippi offers many home warranty coverage options for homeowners. Check out these common questions about buying a home warranty in Mississippi.

Your home protection is ready and waiting!