Are you concerned about an upcoming recession? You’re not alone

Are you concerned about an upcoming recession? You’re not alone

Key takeaways:

  • Searches for “recession” in the United States are up 355% this year.
  • There were 506.8 searches for “recession” in California per 100,000 residents in July.
  • Searches for “housing recession” in the United States are up 461% this year.

We analyzed Google Search Trends to determine what states are most concerned about an upcoming recession.

Have you searched "recession"?

A recession marks a period of decreased opportunity for the majority of individuals. Higher unemployment rates, lower wages, and decreased economic activity leave many to fear a recession is near.

Recession fears across the United States

Our study reveals to what extent the different states have inquired about an upcoming recession. Residents' fears and economic outcomes differ by location. For example, recession-resistant cities are often found around universities as reported by the Beacon Economics; their efforts and contributions boost economic activity.

Have you searched "housing recession"?

Just recently, the housing market experienced maximum demand with a rise in home prices. However, experts are now noticing a decline in activity, conveying that the housing market is entering a recession. Here's how searches for "housing recession" range by state.

Concerns of a housing recession

A housing market recession will impact homebuyers and homeowners differently, but, all in all, the buyer's market is expected to balance out.


Cinch used Google Search Trends and Google Adwords to study searches on a recession. When looking at searches by state, we focused on searches from July 2022.

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