Best appliance deals of 2022

Your guide to making the most of the best appliance sales of the year

Key tips to remember

  • Begin by deciding whether you should fix or replace broken appliances
  • Add Major appliance deals can be found throughout the year
  • The best appliance deals happen on and around holidays
  • Kitchen appliance deals are almost always happening
  • The best refrigerator deals can happen anytime stock rotates

Now that we’re easing into the new year, you might be starting to think about a new appliance or two, or maybe even three. If that’s the case, this is a great time of year to look into appliance package deals. A package deal can be an excellent way to save money when you buy multiple appliances simultaneously instead of separately. While you’re here, you can read many of our other related posts on topics like the best time to buy new appliances or the most reliable refrigerator brands, but appliance deals can be had throughout the year. If you’re looking at a specific appliance sale, you should know that at least seven major holidays are safe bets for a big appliance sale. These more obvious times for appliance purchasing don’t even include the sneakier times when vendors rotate stock and need to get rid of older models, so they mark them down — which can happen anytime. In this post, we’ll discuss techniques for informed appliance shopping, important aspects of the decision to consider, and some of the best deals we’re already seeing in 2022, which, of course, are subject to change over the year.

Best places to buy

When looking for the best appliance sales, it makes sense to start locally. You might have your favorite hometown appliance store. You know the one — it’s been in the same family for generations, it’s got personalized service that you appreciate, and you feel good shopping there and supporting your local community businesses. That’s all well and good, but after your house and your car, appliances might be some of the largest purchases in your life. You owe it to yourself to compare prices, and not only online. If you only shop online, you miss out on potential savings on floor models, scratch-and-dent opportunities, and the possibility of helping a certain salesperson move a model that’s simply been there too long. If you live in a small town, it might be worth the drive to hit the bigger chain stores and see what sort of appliance deals there are before deciding. Your local shop might even match it.


It makes sense to get a clear idea of your budget before you start shopping because the prices of major appliances can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands for premium brands and models. It’s tempting to spend more than you can afford, so figure out what you can spend before you get seduced by all the shiny surfaces and gleaming features. If you could use a few budgeting tips, check out our money-saving techniques for tough times.

Package deals

Package deals are among the best appliance sales opportunities around. If you can get your budget and timing right, you’ll be able to stack the savings to a significant financial advantage. While it’s common to find deals on washer and dryer combos, sometimes it takes a little more digging to find the best package deals involving three or more appliances, or even up to six at once. Depending on the retailer and how good your timing is, you can sometimes mix and match package deals, adding to a package deal while benefiting from a price cut on the third item. Think this through well enough and get your timing right, and you could save big.

Choosing a brand

Retailers are motivated to sell multiple units from a single brand because doing so unlocks manufacturer financial incentives that benefit retailers directly. While there’s nothing wrong with buying individual units from various brands, you might get the best deal if you’re comfortable with one, particularly if you’re looking for package deals on appliances. If appearances matter to you, you’ll also benefit stylistically from this choice because you’ll have a consistent look across multiple machines.

Ranking your priorities

For many consumers in search of the best appliance deals, price is paramount. For others who diligently read countless reviews, reliability is number one. Some place aesthetics at the top of their priority lists and require a specific color or design that matches a look they’ve already established. Others place distinct features or functionality at the top of their priority lists. Whatever your list looks like, it makes sense to rank each entry in order of importance, which should help you strike a comfortable balance and make a better, well-informed decision for your specific needs, circumstances and preferences. Just don’t forget to measure the spaces you have available for appliances before you decide which ones to buy!

Best appliance deals (by retailer)

The usual suspects — Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Target, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond and others — are worth checking when shopping around for the best appliance sales. As we mentioned before, you don’t have to end up buying from any of these places. But to stay informed about what’s out there in terms of the latest home appliances and what’s on sale, you’ll want to check with these big vendors. Here are some great examples of retailers’ best appliance sales of 2022 that we’ve seen so far:

  • Best Buy: Hundreds of dollars off refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and more, not to mention deals on small appliances like air fryers and microwaves
  • Walmart: Massive deals on small appliances in the “rollbacks” section, where prices are rolled back on juicers, coffee makers, electric kettles, Instant Pots and more
  • Target: More than a thousand deals on just about any small appliance you can think of, from hair dryers and vacuums to popcorn makers and nose-hair trimmers
  • Bed Bath & Beyond: Massive sales and clearance events with up to 50% off savings on items like blenders, deep fryers, toaster ovens and ice cream machines 

Best appliance deals (by brand)

From Samsung and Whirlpool to KitchenAid, LG and beyond, it’s always a good idea to stick with a brand name that you know and trust, and sometimes brands have their own sales. Though you might still end up buying online via a retailer or in person at a store, some brands allow you to order directly from their websites. Also, a brand that you like could be on sale in any given store at any given time — even when the store isn’t conducting a sale officially. Here are some great examples of brands’ best appliance sales of 2022 that we’ve seen so far:

  • Samsung: Massive discounts including up to 30% off washers, dryers and refrigerators, plus nearly one-quarter off regular prices on stoves and ranges
  • LG: Up to $600 off refrigerators and select cooking appliances, up to $150 off  dishwashers, and up to $350 off select washers and dryers, with up to $700 off combos
  • KitchenAid: Up to $350 off microwaves, plus hundreds of gas ranges and ovens and canopy stainless-steel hoods; also up to $20 off select food processors and choppers
  • Whirlpool: Up to $135 off select ranges, up to $175 off select wall ovens, up to $83 off select cooktops, up to $65 off select dishwashers, and up to $140 off select washers

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