10 tips to keep your freezer running strong all summer long

How to set and maintain the ideal freezer temperature for peak performance

Freezer summer temperature: Key tips to remember

  • How cold should a freezer be? At or below zero degrees Fahrenheit.
  • How cold should a refrigerator be? Between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If you suspect inaccurate temperature readings, use a thermometer inside
  • Avoid freezer burn by adequately sealing all food packages before freezing
  • Don’t overfill your freezer, and save at least 25% of space for circulation

6 ways your clients can maximize their A/C this summer 

Key takeaways

  • Keeping a home cool during the summer and reducing energy costs can be done simultaneously.
  • Setting the thermostat to the right temperature when you are home and when you are away is vital to reducing cooling costs.
  • Ceiling fans, airtight windows and doors, and bringing in cool air during cooler nights can significantly impact energy consumption reduction.
  • Remember that when your clients have a Cinch home warranty, they may qualify for a $100 reimbursement for their A/C checkup – and avoid an unplanned summer outage!

Your summer maintenance checklist for the home

Grills and decks are only the beginning. We’ve got the details, inside and out.

Summer maintenance checklist: Key tips to remember

  • Start with an HVAC checkup, then get a power washer and use it
  • Make your way through our indoor summer maintenance checklist
  • Clean that grill and inspect that deck because both are summer essentials
  • Make your way through our outdoor summer maintenance checklist
  • Trim trees and shrubs, and seal off all access holes to dissuade uninvited guests

The best reasons to get an HVAC tuneup

Get prepared now with an HVAC tuneup, and thank yourself later.

HVAC tuneup: Key tips to remember

  • Your HVAC system is essential and deserves to be treated as such
  • You wouldn’t neglect your car; why neglect your HVAC unit?
  • Regular maintenance services keep your HVAC running strong
  • Systems that aren’t cleaned and serviced are less likely to last
  • Well-maintained systems run better for longer and cost less to use

7 affordable, DIY pool storage ideas for summer

Fight pool clutter and tidy up your pool party with our pool storage ideas.

Pool storage ideas: Key tips to remember

  • Buy some bins and zip ties
  • Build a PVC towel rack
  • Hang some hooks and nets
  • Repurpose a wine rack and an old pallet
  • Make your own floating cooler

7 tips for a great homemade Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day 2022! We have ideas, but what you do is up to you!

Father’s Day idea: Key tips to remember

  • Cards and gifts aren’t what’s important
  • Quality time together matters most
  • Do something your dad really loves
  • Include plenty of good food and drinks
  • Volunteer together to help others

10 things to consider before buying a vacation property

Buying a vacation home is a big decision. Consider these tips first.

How to buy a vacation property: Key tips to remember

  • Examine your financial situation carefully
  • Consult with local tax and real estate pros
  • Location is essential to your purchase
  • Renting out your vacation property may require management
  • Never count on the second property to pay for the first

14 tips on how to stay cool without A/C

There are plenty of ways to stay cool without A/C. Here are 14 of our best.

Key tips to remember

  • Fans are your friends. Use them to increase circulation.
  • Fewer clothes plus cold water equals a cooler body.
  • Target your body’s cool spots to cool yourself down faster.
  • Stay hydrated, get a dehumidifier and consider a cold bath.
  • Operate appliances at night and use windows to your advantage.

Reopening your pool after winter: A how-to guide

If you think you’re ready, here’s how to open a pool after winter.

Key tips to remember

  • When do you open your pool? Memorial Day, so plan ahead!
  • Be sure to give yourself more time than you think you’ll need.
  • Assemble all your safety gear, supplies and chemicals first.
  • Realize you’ll need to test multiple factors, multiple times.
  • Never skimp on safety, and always call a pro if you need one.

10 spring cleaning tips and organizational tricks

We’ve collected our 10 best tips for spring cleaning and organizing.

Key tips to remember

  • First, declutter and freshen things up
  • Get help — everyone should be invested
  • Keep your cleaning products simple
  • Get organized using everyday household items
  • Don’t forget to recycle, repurpose, reuse and donate

10 fun ways to celebrate Memorial Day

We’ve got 10 great Memorial Day ideas to help make yours memorable.

Key tips to remember

  • Don’t forget why we’re celebrating, and pass it along to the kids
  • If you like to decorate, anything red, white or blue will do
  • Fire up that grill and think about a yard party
  • Show an outdoor movie or watch the PBS Memorial Day concert
  • Consider a trip to a national park, or just camp in the backyard

Displaying NFTs at home

Key takeaways:

  • Nearly 3 out of 10 NFT buyers don’t know how to display their NFTs at home
  • Women are more likely than men to think displaying NFTs at home are trendy and creative
  • More than 1 in 3 people think displaying NFT art at home is a sign of wealth
  • 44% of people think it’s acceptable for collectors to display NFTs they don’t own around their home

How to clean, deodorize and get smells out of your carpet

You can often clean up carpet stains (and smells) with household items.

Key tips to remember

  • Clean your carpets regularly
  • Go after most stains as soon as they appear
  • Scrape away any leftovers with a dull knife
  • Keep plenty of clean, white rags for blotting
  • Use baking soda, vinegar and peroxide for extra help

Cinch goes undercover to surprise families with new refrigerators

Get the lowdown on Cinch’s new Undercover Appliances initiative

Can you put shoes in the washer and dryer?

How to wash sneakers: Let us count the ways

Key tips to remember

  • Yes, you can wash many athletic trainers and sneakers in the washing machine
  • Never put leather, rubber, suede or vinyl shoes in the washing machine
  • Never put any kind of shoe in a dryer; air-dry them instead
  • Make sure to remove laces and insoles before washing
  • Use gentle cycle settings and cold water

How long do ovens last?

The lifetime of an oven depends on many factors. We’ll discuss them here.

Key tips to remember

  • Read our appliance maintenance guide to help get into the maintenance mindset
  • Get into the habit of cleaning your oven regularly and keeping it that way
  • 20 years of service from a well-maintained, high-quality oven is possible
  • Don’t rely on the self-cleaning function alone because it can speed up wear and tear
  • Don’t spend more than half of what you’d spend on a new oven to fix the old one

10 green home tips for a sweet Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, 10 tips for a greener home this year

<p>green home tips</p>

Key tips to remember

  • Use less water, invest in clean solar power, and switch to LED lights
  • Don’t forget that April 22 is Earth Day, and plant some plants
  • Get gardening (and composting) and cooking conscientiously today
  • Fill leaky gaps in your insulation, and use your blinds to ease HVAC strain
  • Get a smart thermostat, and ditch those toxic cleaning products

April 22 Is Earth Day!

The importance of Earth Day, and what you can do to contribute

Key tips to remember

  • Earth Day began in 1970 and inspired an environmental movement
  • What began with 20 million Americans now includes more than 1 billion people worldwide
  • Earth Day is all about celebrating the natural world and preserving it
  • Related events and efforts are scheduled annually worldwide
  • It’s the perfect day to examine your own carbon footprint and lessen it

Six reasons your dishwasher is leaking

Common causes for leaks and easy fixes for dishwasher-leak DIYers

Key tips to remember

  • Get out of the habit of overfilling your dishwasher, which can cause leaks
  • Always cut the power to your dishwasher before doing serious troubleshooting
  • Drainage and doors are often the cause of a dishwasher leak
  • Don’t forget to double-check your dishwasher’s alignment
  • A home warranty can save you a lot of time and DIY struggles

How to clean a bathroom fan

With a few simple steps, here’s your DIY guide to cleaning bathroom fans

Key tips to remember

  • Bathroom exhaust fans should be thoroughly cleaned every six months
  • It’s a good idea to get into the habit of dusting them regularly, too
  • With a few common household tools, it’s easy to clean your bathroom fan
  • Make sure you remember to switch off your breaker before working on your fan
  • Be careful not to damage the fan’s delicate blades when cleaning them
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