Home service industry leader Cinch® partners with Notion® to offer customers peace of mind through smart home monitoring

The partnership further solidifies Cinch’s commitment to delivering the most expansive suite of home management solutions to homeowners and renters nationwide

Boca Raton, FL (September 10, 2020) – Cinch Home Services (Cinch), the nation’s leading provider of home service solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Notion, a Comcast company. With a focus on providing peace of mind to users, Notion offers intuitive, multifunctional sensors that monitor for the opening of doors and windows, sounding of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, water leaks and temperature changes. Through this collaboration, Cinch will provide homeowners and renters around the nation with added control over their homes, as well as an even more robust breadth of services and options.

“Modern life is filled with stresses and challenges, but at Cinch we believe taking care of the home shouldn’t be one of them,” said Steve Upshaw, CEO of Cinch. “Through our new partnership with Notion, we’re making things even easier for individuals and families around the country, while delivering new innovations as we pursue our vision of a Cinch solution in every U.S. household.”

Empowering users to be proactive in monitoring their home spaces and most valued possessions, the partnership offers:

  • Notion Multifunctional Sensor Kit: In the near future, Cinch will offer customers a solution that bundles the Notion Smart Home Starter Kit with a Cinch home service plan. Once connected to the user’s home Wi-Fi, the Notion Sensors relay information directly to their smartphones, allowing them to view statuses, change settings and receive updates on everything from in-home temperature readings to potential water leaks – so they can get ahead of potential problems before they become an issue.

  • The Notion Experience: Cinch distribution partners want a home solution that can help mitigate water risk and damage in homes – and the Notion partnership addresses that need. When Notion detects a water leak, customers are notified immediately, allowing them to contact Cinch to schedule a home visit to diagnose and repair the issue.

  • Cinch Workmanship Guarantee: All repairs provided by Cinch are covered under its industry-leading 180-day workmanship guarantee.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cinch to augment their expanded home management experience to customers and look forward to launching additional programs that will benefit both companies in the future,” said Brett Jurgens, CEO and Co-Founder of Notion.

“When exploring new Cinch product offerings, our priority is always to maximize value while minimizing potential headaches, whether it’s for our customers or our affinity (B2B2C) partners,” said Chris White, Cinch’s Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Product Development. “Our partnership with Notion provides the best of both worlds – customer peace of mind with a Notion home sensor and access to our network of service professionals through a Cinch home service plan.”

The launch follows the rollout of Cinch’s Smart Support product line, which offers remote access to technical support for setting up or troubleshooting any device, any time—regardless of when or where it was purchased, and Cinch on-demand, an all-in-one home maintenance platform which allows users to tap into a nationwide network of highly qualified service professionals and handymen, all without any long-term contracts or commitments. These new products expand our complement of whole home, appliance, systems, service lines and preventative maintenance offerings.

About Cinch Home Services
Cinch Home Services is the leading home services company that makes it easy for everyone to enjoy their home to the fullest, regardless of whether they own or rent. Building upon 40 years of proven experience, Cinch uses smart, modern tools and an award-winning customer support network to remove the guesswork around preventing, diagnosing and solving a wide variety of home-related issues. Cinch partners with expert technicians nationwide to provide unmatched service and value and continues to make strides with digital-forward strategies, platforms and initiatives that are modernizing home management services to address today’s customer needs. Cinch strives to exceed owners, renters, real estate agents and partners’ expectations, every time. Cinch Home Services, a member company of The Cross Country Group, is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, with operations throughout North America. To learn more, visit cinchhomeservices.com and follow on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

About Notion®
Notion empowers home and property owners to be proactive in monitoring their spaces and most valued possessions. The Notion smart monitoring system is committed to helping reduce risk and complexities of property ownership. Through partner programs, Notion helps insurance carriers, agents and service providers provide value to their customers with Notion’s DIY smart home technology. The easy-to-use Notion system, powered by a multifunctional sensor and app, aims to help drive customer acquisition, increase engagement, reduce claims and enable a differentiated offering. For more information, visit www.getnotion.com.

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